Health Checks and Monitoring

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There are many things which can affect the successful running of your systems, from viruses to faulty components, power failure to total disaster (like fire and flood). While some problems are unavoidable and cannot be forecast, others can be seen and rectified early.

Boffins uses a number of methods to prevent identifiable problems from turning into major disasters and to ensure your IT infrastructure continues to meet the changing needs of the business.

  • On-site visits. Senior engineers will visit your site on a regular basis to carry out checks and undertake maintenance on the major components of your system. He/she will be pleased to talk to you while there about other activities you wish to be done.
  • Off-site monitoring. Our in-house team will undertake various checks in between on-site visits following which a status report will be sent to the customer with issues found and suggested corrective actions.
  • Real-time monitoring. Through the use of a comprehensive software product both servers and PCs can be monitored real-time (i.e. problems will be highlighted the instant they happen). While not as proficient at capturing as many problems as on-site engineer visits we are able to detect problems in areas such as faulty server drives, failed backups, disk space usage, anti-virus performance, firewall breaches etc.
  • Strategic health checks and forward planning. Annually (or at an interval to suit the customer) senior Boffins personnel will visit to talk through all issues that may affect the future IT infrastructure. A report containing suggestions and recommendations will be presented.
  • Design and build infrastructure.
  • Ongoing support, telephone and onsite.
  • Security strategy.
  • Preventative maintenance.
  • Backup/restore and disaster recovery strategy and implementation.
  • System monitoring.
  • Hardware and software solutions.

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