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Your server is the heart of your system and, like your own heart, if it is not looked after properly you could face major problems.  Your server manages all of the major functions you utilise on a daily basis, including emails, printing, file sharing, web access, security etc. The majority of businesses these days are totally dependent on the use of IT to succeed. The loss of service for even the shortest time can have the most profound effect on performance and lost revenue. While not every problem can be anticipated or caught early, Boffins has a comprehensive range of services to help ensure the majority are detected before they become major and disruptive.

In addition to supporting existing servers Boffins can specify a new server with consideration given to your requirements both now and into the foreseeable future.

A good server maintenance plan will provide a number of benefits and services:

  • Improved reliability and availability. By finding errors before they become a major problem downtime can be considerably reduced. So many things can affect the performance of a server like the amount of disk space available, viruses, faulty components, out of date software etc. Through a combination of on-site visits and remote monitoring Boffins will ensure the majority of issues are caught early and before they disrupt operation.
  • Increased security. Data and systems integrity is a must in today’s world of cyber-crime. It is imperative that all measures are taken to ensure your systems are protected from theft, viruses or unwanted visitors. Through the use of a number of different hardware and software products Boffins will make sure your data is protected to maximum effect.
  • The ability to recover not only the odd file that is accidentally deleted but also to get back up and running as quickly as possible in the event of a total disaster (fire, flood, malicious damage etc). Boffins will help to build a recovery strategy based on your specific requirements.

Server Support Aylesbury, High Wycombe, Oxford

  • Design and build infrastructure.
  • Ongoing support, telephone and onsite.
  • Security strategy.
  • Preventative maintenance.
  • Backup/restore and disaster recovery strategy and implementation.
  • System monitoring.
  • Hardware and software solutions.

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