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Broadband connection types include:

ADSL Broadband – the most common type of Broadband connection, and often the least expensive too. You will require an analogue (PSTN) connection, a modem router, and an ADSL connection.

FTTC Broadband – ‘Fibre to the Cabinet’ connections are becoming more widely available across the UK, and generally provide speeds far in excess of standard ADSL connections. This option is also very popular to business that require site to site VPN connections due to the faster upload bandwidth available. One of the other benefits of an FTTC connection is the cost, as it is not much more expensive than ADSL Broadband.

EFM – ‘Ethernet First Mile’ – EFM is a type of leased line connection which provides a guaranteed Service Level Agreement for Uptime, and Performance. One of the benefits of an EFM connection is that it provides businesses with a fast internet connection, when ADSL or FTTC connections are not available.


  • Design and build infrastructure.
  • Ongoing support, telephone and onsite.
  • Security strategy.
  • Preventative maintenance.
  • Backup/restore and disaster recovery strategy and implementation.
  • System monitoring.
  • Hardware and software solutions.

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