Motts Travel


Motts Travel were established in the late 1950’s. Today their fleet of more than sixty coaches take people on day trips and holidays throughout the United Kingdom and across Europe.

The smooth running of their daily operations relies on their teams of dedicated professionals handling bookings and enquiries from the thousands of customers travelling with them. Staff rotas, travel itineraries and the maintenance of their vehicles cover just some of the many activities involved in keeping everything moving.

Underpinning all this work are the computer systems that support these business operations; we continue to work with Motts to plan and pursue an effective IT strategy that identifies where investment should be made for the greatest benefit.

Their line-of-business applications are critical to the company and now run on a highly available cluster configured to assure business continuity protected by industry leading anti-malware and firewall technology.

We are proud to have supported Motts since 2007, providing them with remote helpdesk support whenever it’s required and performing scheduled, pro-active onsite visits. Regular planning meetings to review their IT strategy are being introduced in order to keep the roadmap aligned to the needs of the business strategy.