Backing up your important data

Why should you back up your data?

Computer hard disk drives have a hard time, spinning around for eight hours or more a day, heating up and cooling down, experiencing the odd physical knock, constantly having data written or erased … and all of this happening inside a hot metal case with electricity coursing in all directions. It goes without saying that sometimes your drive is not going to survive this hostile environment. Recovering data from a hard disk which has failed is an extremely expensive process and it is unlikely that most businesses would want to pay for the attempted recovery of these files.

As if the threat of hardware failure was not enough, you must also contend with the possibility of virus attack. There has been a surge in the number of e-mail viruses in recent months and there have been numerous instances where a lapse in concentration, or clicking a button on a dialogue box without reading the message displayed could be.

Of course, you could disconnect your PC from the network, never use the Internet, and refuse to read any disks given to you by others. You would almost certainly remain virus-free but you wouldn’t be very productive at work. A safer alternative is to accept that computers will break down, and that being infected by a computer virus is a probability, so planning a means of minimising the effects of a malicious attack or system failure is a good idea.

All this doom and gloom could be hard to take but, with a little planning and some time spent on a regular basis, you can reduce the potential disaster of hardware failure or virus attack to a mere inconvenience. To add a reasonable level of protection to your Server and PCs there are three things all PC users must do on a regular basis:

  • Keep Anti-Virus databases and virus strings up to date
  • Install all Microsoft critical updates and patches when you are notified in Windows
  • Regularly back up important data


What should you use to back up your data?

For businesses with a fast, uncapped broadband connection Boffins recommend our BOBS Cloud backup solution as it is quick, easy, secure and great value for money. In fact many of our customers are enjoying the many benefits of BOBS alredy.

The other option (for businesses that do not have a fast internet connection, or would rather have their own backup equipment on premise, there are several options available for example Tape Drives/Libraries, NAS Devices, combined with appropriate backup software.

Please contact us if you would like us to investigate whether your company’s vital data is being backed up correctly, or if you would like us to recommend a more robust backup solution for your business.