Many of our customers have ditched their on-premise backup solutions in favour of our Cloud Backup solution. Boffins Online Backup Solution (BOBS) protects your data using fast, reliable, automatic, offsite, secure backup to Cloud making your life easier.
Using BOBS for your backup solution reduces upfront hardware and software costs as well as eliminating the need to change and manage tapes and disks day to day.
Your data is encrypted and securely stored offsite in the Cloud providing you with a simple disaster recovery solution.
Incremental backups are fast and easy to monitor. Granular restoration of damaged or deleted files or folders is also simple and easy to achieve. We can even offer a solution for PC’s as as well servers.


Feature Set:

• Data is stored in the Cloud so it is already ‘off-site’
• Intelligent data backup reduces backup volume and bandwidth used
• Highly secure with choice of 128, 256 or 448bit encryption of your data
• Simple recovery of single folders or files
• Option for 2 tier scheme maintaining both local and cloud based backups
• Advanced bandwidth throttling that limits bandwidth during business hours
• Central management allows Boffins to monitor backup performance
• Date based recovery of earlier versions



Please call us today to find out how this fantastic product revolutionises the way your company backs up its vital data.
** Although BOBS is highly reliable and secure there are limited warranties in respect of corruption or loss of data held within the Cloud. If this is a concern, please discuss with us as we can recommend hybrid solutions that further reduce the risk of data loss.