Earlier this week DownDetector, a website that monitors service failures, reported more than 18,000 outages in 24 hours.
The BT website went down temporarily and the website of Openreach, a subsidiary of BT Group that builds and maintains the copper and fibre network, remained down until mid-afternoon. Just as disappointing was BT’s explanation of the outage being caused by just one faulty router in their network – in fact we do not believe this to be a true explanation of the cause of the outage.
Every other week, there seems to be news of businesses suffering from outages. Just last week, Twitter suffered an outage and this week BT. Unplanned outages can cost organisations a lot of money and even though it’s unavoidable, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s accepted or ignored. The downtime will usually have an impact on different areas of the business but usually they will be a massive impact on brand reputation and loyalty, both short term and long term.


Boffins are pleased to report that our Broadband customers were not affected though as we provide Internet Services through a 3rd party ISP. To avoid any further downtime from BT Broadband we recommend all customers of BT to switch to Boffins as your Broadband Supplier.
Boffins can provide many different broadband services from standard ADSL, Superfast Fibre (FTTC), EFM and Leased Lines. Some of the many benefits of our broadband services are; Priority Bandwidth for business customers during working hours, Static IP addresses, UK based support, and comprehensive Service Level Agreements (depending on service.)
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