From 1st April 2020 IASME, appointed by the National Cyber Security Centre, will become the sole Cyber Essentials Scheme partner.

Cyber Essentials is a rapidly growing accreditation being recognised by an increasing proportion of UK businesses. It demonstrates organisations have implemented basic levels of protection against the most common cyber security attacks. Businesses can prove to their customers they take cyber security seriously and they have taken steps to protect their systems and the data they hold.

Cyber Essentials CertificationWhen the scheme launched in 2014 Cyber Essentials was delivered through multiple Accreditation Bodies (AB) and their chosen Certification Bodies.

Each AB followed the same framework but the method for collecting, completing and submitting evidence varied significantly between the Certification Bodies. IASME are looking to simplify and standardise this process to ensure all businesses are supplying information in the same format and working to a common standard.

At this stage the requirements of the new framework are unknown; Boffins are hopeful that IASME will build on the foundations laid by the scheme in 2014 and will update and expand on the current requirements. If you already have a Cyber Essentials certificate you will not be affected by this change until your certificate needs to be renewed.

Boffins have helped many SME’s in Bucks, Beds, Oxon and London achieve Cyber Essentials accreditation. If you are looking to for a Cyber Essentials partner contact Boffins today.

For more information check Boffin’s Cyber Security Services.