Does your business suffer from SPAM? Or receive malicious emails containing viruses or phishing attempts to gather bank details?

SPAM is not simply unwanted marketing. Have you or your colleagues ever received emails like this for example:


“Your account has been locked due to a security alert. Please logon here to reset your password…..”

“You are due a refund from HMRC …please enter your account details for the transfer of funds.”

“your invoice / receipt / payment advice is attached”


If the answer is yes to any of the above then you would benefit from our BOSS service that screens your email for SPAM and Viruses even before it reaches your network.


Boffins Online Security Service (BOSS) costs just £17.50 per user per year and provides the following benefits:

  • BOSS screens out known SPAM before it gets to your network. Up to 70% of all email received by some users is unwelcome SPAM
  • BOSS screens out emails carrying viruses as attachments that, if executed, could destroy or capture your data
  • BOSS will pay for itself in one week by reducing users’ wasted time dealing with SPAM
  • BOSS will pay for itself many times over if it avoids a virus attack or theft from your bank accounts


BOSS is presently protecting thousands of Boffins’ customers and it could also protect you!

Give us a call today for further information.