HP have announced a worldwide safety recall and replacement program for certain notebook and laptop batteries. The batteries in question have the potential to overheat posing a fire and burn hazard to users. Due to this it is crucial to check whether your battery is affected. HP have published a battery validation utility you can download and run (https://batteryprogram687.ext.hp.com/en-US/Home/Validation). This will check if the battery in your laptop is affected.

Below is a table of all the affected models

ProBook HP Probook 640 G2 HP ProBook 640 G3
HP ProBook 645 G2 HP ProBook 645 G3
HP ProBook 650 G2 HP ProBook 650 G3
HP ProBook 655 G2 HP ProBook 655 G3
ZBook HP ZBook 17 G3 HP ZBook 17 G4
HP ZBook Studio G3
x360 HP x360 310 G2
Pavilion HP Pavilion x360
Envy HP ENVY m6
11 HP 11 Notebook PC


Here is a list of FAQs provided by HP https://batteryprogram687.ext.hp.com/en-US/Home/FAQs. If your battery is affected we will not be able to replace it. You will need to contact HP directly  and things will be sorted out by them. Many of the batteries are internal to the system and as such are not customer replaceable. In these cases, an HP engineer will replace the battery for you. Until then HP have advised updating the BIOS and enabling a “Battery Safety Mode”. This will disable charging the battery until it is replaced. HP will replace all verified, affected batteries at no cost.

If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call, we have shipped very few of these models so if you source laptops solely from us you will most likely not need to worry.