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Boffins Cyber Security Review


Cyber Security is a major issue today. There are an increasing and diverse range of threats so businesses need to deploy multiple layers of defence to protect their business operation and reputation. A Boffins Cyber Security Review, which expands upon the National Cyber Security Centre’s 10 point framework, will examine your systems and networks, expose potential vulnerabilities, and recommend pragmatic and proportionate defence solutions.

Key Topics

  • Cyber Security Management Regime
  • Network Security
  • User Education and Awareness
  • Malware Prevention
  • Removable Media Policy
  • Secure System Configuration
  • Management of User Privileges
  • Incident Management and Recovery
  • Threat Monitoring and Reporting
  • Home and Mobile Working
  • System documentation and continuity

Key Benefits

An independent review of your network and system security will highlight areas of risk and define mitigation solutions that can help protect your business from outside threats. Whilst the threat landscape is ever changing implementing best practice techniques can plug unnecessary holes in your defences now. Boffins will help you protect your business from hackers and criminals that wish to exploit your networks for their gain. If you erect effective defences against their attacks they may seek easier targets.

Report and Recommendations

Boffins will produce a report with recommendations for the implementation of enhanced security. We can also arrange routine 3rd party penetration testing to probe your defences for weaknesses as they evolve. This will enable you to meet your industry or statutory obligations for data and access security.

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