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Office 2016 for Windows is here!

It's official! Office 2016 for Windows was released yesterday and it is now available for all Boffins customers. As with the previous version, it is available as either a boxed copy/downloadable version, or if you are an Office 365 Business or Business Premium user...

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Backup your data to the Cloud!

Many of our customers have ditched their on-premise backup solutions in favour of our Cloud Backup solution. Boffins Online Backup Solution (BOBS) protects your data using fast, reliable, automatic, offsite, secure backup to Cloud making your life easier. Using BOBS...

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Boffins Call Recording PC

If your organisation experiences a high volume of incoming and outgoing calls, or if you simply need to refer to a past phone call to retrieve details, our Call Recording PC can provide these capabilities and many more. Our entry-level system records all calls in and...

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Fibre Broadband has reached Haddenham!

Have you ever wondered what the differences are between the types of broadband available? While average download speeds in the UK have now reached 23Mbps (megabits per second), there’s a huge gap between the fastest and slowest on offer. According to Ofcom, some...

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Windows 10 is here!

As you may be aware, Windows 10 is now available and is free to download in the first year for most devices currently running Windows 7 or 8! Whilst Windows 10 is too new for Boffins to endorse, we are currently testing it on one of our machines and initial thoughts...

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EOL Server 2003

In this day and age, technologies evolve at a rapid pace. With all of these developments and new product launches, it is now common that, unfortunately, a lot of existing technologies come with a ‘sell by date’. That time has now come for the Microsoft Server 2003. As...

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Remote Monitoring Service – New and Improved

Boffins currently run a monitoring system which will tell our engineers when there is a problem with your business’ IT. This way, we are able to act on this proactively and sort the issue quickly and effectively to ensure the problem doesn’t get worse. Boffins are now...

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