It’s official! Office 2016 for Windows was released yesterday and it is now available for all Boffins customers.

As with the previous version, it is available as either a boxed copy/downloadable version, or if you are an Office 365 Business or Business Premium user you will automatically receive this new product as part of your subscription.

Office 2016

What’s new in Office 2016?

There is little change to Office 2016 but it has been updated in a way that makes it simpler to use.


Here are some of the main features:

Co-Authoring for Word and PowerPoint – Allows you to work on documents simultaneously with colleagues on various devices.

Share button on the ribbon  – To allow you to share documents with other Office users.

Real-time typing  – Another ability to work on a document simultaneously with colleagues and see real time edits and additions that each user makes.

Improved version history – Allows you to refer back to previous versions and edits.

One Drive Integration – Access your Office documents from any device using OneDrive.


To find out about further features, please view Microsoft’s website here: What’s New and Improved in Office 2016

As always – Boffins always exercise caution with any new piece of software that has been launched as it is too new at this stage for us to advise if it will be compatible with your system. Once we are familiar with Office 2016, and any potential initial bugs have been ironed out, we would be keen to recommend this product to our customers in Aylesbury, Thame and all surrounding areas.

Furthermore, if you would like Boffins to run tests within your network to check for compatibility, please contact us on 01844 291110