With current economic pressures and increasing prices, businesses and consumers are looking for more ways to save money. As a result, the sale of compatible printer consumables is increasing but many people are still unaware of the serious implications of using non-branded inks, toners and drums in their machines.


Will using cheaper compatible products invalidate my printer warranty?

It depends. Using compatible consumables in your printer may not invalidate the warranty. However any damage caused to your printer by the use of third party consumables will not be repaired under the terms of the printer’s warranty. It is wise to check the manufactures website for warranty terms.

How are compatible toner cartridges made?

Some compatible cartridges are simply refilled – the casing is cracked open and refilled with new toner. Compatibles produced in this way are generally poor quality, unreliable and often lower capacity compared with branded cartridges. Refurbished cartridges are completely stripped down and rebuilt from scratch, using reconditioned components, or brand new ones where necessary. The cartridges are reassembled to the original manufacturer’s specifications and given a full load of toner; as a result, cartridges produced in this way can be at least equal in build quality to the originals.

Three main risks with compatible toners:

  • Leaking. These cartridges are normally a refilled genuine cartridges. Seals may not be as good as when the toner was originally filled.
  • Damage to the fuser. If the cartridge has been refilled with toner that has different characteristics, the toner can stick on the fuser and other components.
  • Drum problems with all-in-one toner/drum cartridges. This is relatively small damage to the printer and is easily remedied by replacing the cartridge, but certainly reduces the attractiveness of cheaper cartridges.

Why use genuine toner & inks

Genuine manufacturer inks and toner are designed to bring out the best in your printer, so you are always assured of exceptional results. Substandard imitations can in certain circumstances cause serious damage but genuine inks and toner will keep your printer going at peak performance.



Boffins recommendations

Over the years we have seen a number of damaged printers in our workshop, where the problem was directly caused by the use of inferior toner cartridges.

We would strongly recommend that you only use original toner and ink cartridges in your printer equipment on all occasions as we want to make sure that you always get the best performance.

Here at Boffins we can source and supply you with all of your toner needs. Delivered directly to you next day either as a standing order or on an ad hoc basis.


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