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With an ever increasing number of internal and external threats, achieving the right balance between accessibility and security can be a real challenge. There is a growing number of cybercrime cases, and many new layers of security that need to be considered to protect your organisation. In fact the threat isn’t always outside your organisation. There are various methods in which security can be breached and sometimes employees can inadvertently make mistakes and use the wrong media to store and transport critical data.

Maintaining networking and security skills sets in-house, keeping up to date with the latest technical knowledge and accreditations can also be costly and time consuming. Boffins has been building networks for over 20 years and we regularly help our clients to make network and security choices that help to balance speed, reliability, security and accessibility to suit their organisation’s needs.

We manage this through a combination of insight and consultancy combined with world-class network security, connectivity and performance solutions from World renowned partners such as Watchguard and  Kaspersky Labs, which deliver the peace of mind your business needs. As all of our partners are global leaders in Network Security and provide end-to-end Security Solutions, they can give you peace of mind that your perimeter, core and endpoints are protected from today’s constantly changing threats.

Speak to Boffins today for expert advice on how we can assist you in protecting your business critical systems.

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