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Office Moves

If your business is relocating or thinking of relocating, Boffins can help mitigate the problems that might arise during this stressful time.

There are a lot of elements to think about when it comes to planning an office move, luckily Boffins have lots of experience having helped many or our customers over the years plan and implement moves. Boffins can take care of transferring all your IT systems, ensuring that it is all relocated correctly, whether that’s just across the road or to the other end of the country.

When choosing a new location Boffins can do a site assessment to check it for suitability of your needs before you decide on a location. Internet provisioning can be patchy, so a site investigation can pull up potential problems and additional costs before you sign a contract and let you make an informed decision.

Before your planned move date Boffins will get as much of your infrastructure setup as possible, so that when you come to your move date all that must be done is plug your hardware in and start working. This will include organising any cabling work that may need to be done, getting your internet provisioning in place (FTTC/Leased Line) and working all before the move.

For the move itself; Boffins will dismantle your hardware, shut down your servers in preparation and make sure that everything is packed up and ready to go. Once at your new location Boffins with install all your hardware and setup your IT system to your requirements, so that all you need to do is start working.

We think of an office move as a project and so you will receive a project plan detailing every recommendation and step of the move before we start. We will ensure that every element is taken care of and be on hand to deal with any teething problems in the days following.


Server Builds

A server is the heart of your IT system, it manages all your IT processes, from security and internet access to printing. Every business is unique and so your server must be designed to fit your business requirements.

Here at Boffins we design and build servers bespoke for every client.

A specialist Boffins engineer will assess your requirements and design a server especially for you and your budget. You will then be able to enjoy the luxury of having a bespoke server manufactured from scratch, just for your business. Boffins servers are built with the future in mind, and this includes the future of your business, and the future of technology, we build our servers to be able to work effectively for approximately 4 years (but many of them have proven to last much longer). This may not seem like a long time but considering how much technology has evolved in the last year, this is quite staggering.

This individual attention will enable your business to run to its full potential, being supported by your server and Boffins throughout the entire journey.

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