Case Study – Lymphoma

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The Lymphoma Association is the UK’s only specialist charity which focuses on helping and providing support for patients suffering with Lymphoma, and their relatives, friends and carers. The charity runs support groups across the country, with buddy schemes, helplines and conferences, which allows patients to build confidence, speak to like-minded people, and to cope and deal with their treatment.

As a charity, the Lymphoma Association handles extremely personal information from patients and members, and as such, they must strictly follow the guidelines and legislations set out by the Data Protection Act. The information that patients provide to the charity is given with a sense of trust and confidence, and so it is imperative that the Lymphoma Association carry this forward with their data protection systems.

Storing all of this information on computer networks means that the IT systems in place must be protected to an utmost level to ensure safety from unwanted outsiders. The responsibility of keeping such information is monumental, and everything that could be done to keep the information secure needed to be implemented. The Lymphoma Association turned to Boffins to input their advice.

Routers are used by all companies, and they supply broadband as well as network systems. Companies now use remote systems, which allows staff to access all of the files from many computers and locations. Running a charity which handles such delicate information in this way can propose a lot of security issues. By identifying all of the weak areas in a network, Boffins were able to protect these pathways from intruders.

Using a strong Firewall structure, as well as expert anti-virus software and a robust back-up system, the data that the Lymphoma Association holds is as safe as possible.

“We are happy that all the possible preventions are now in place across our IT infrastructure to ensure that no details will fall into the wrong hands. Thanks to Boffins, our systems have been made extremely difficult for any penetrable attack.”

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