In this day and age, technologies evolve at a rapid pace. With all of these developments and new product launches, it is now common that, unfortunately, a lot of existing technologies come with a ‘sell by date’. That time has now come for the Microsoft Server 2003.

As the name suggests, this server has been around for a number of years, and so, as of 14th July 2015, support will no longer be provided by Microsoft for any users of this server. Now, this is not to say that Microsoft will suddenly do this for all of their servers. Of course they won’t, but being such a dated server does mean that your company could be being held back from its full potential with out of date hardware.

The Microsoft Server 2003 will still operate fully, but, not having any support from Microsoft could leave your business in a very vulnerable position. In order to keep your server safe, you will have to spend increasing amounts on monitoring and protecting the server and the computers which use it. This will include advanced detection systems, increased firewalls, and regular independent audits to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

Opting for a new server will ensure that your business can run as efficiently as possible, as well as being the more cost-effective option. Boffins recommend Microsoft Server 2012 R2, which provides 64 bit architecture and therefore far greater memory support. This comes in very useful when you require virtual servers.

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