As you may be aware, Windows 10 is now available and is free to download in the first year for most devices currently running Windows 7 or 8!

Whilst Windows 10 is too new for Boffins to endorse, we are currently testing it on one of our machines and initial thoughts are very positive.

One of the major criticisms of Windows 8 over its predecessor Windows 7 was the abandonment of the traditional Start Menu. With Windows 10, however, you’ll be pleased to hear the Start Menu is back! Not only that, it is also highly customisable and even incorporates a smaller version of the Metro interface that appeared in Windows 8.

Some of the new features are:

  • Windows Continuum actively identifies which device it is running on and changes the interface accordingly.
  • A brand new browser, MS Edge, which is said to be quicker than Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. Onenote is also built-in for sharing notes.
  • Built-in Cortana for searches, which many people will be familiar with, as it is the built-in voice controlled personal assistant included on all Windows Phones. In this guise, Cortana even uses AI to learn about the user’s preferences.
  • Redesigned ‘snap’ feature for more efficient desktop usage.
  • Windows Store for new apps.
  • New phone app to facilitate syncing your Windows, Android or iPhone files.
  • Windows Hello feature allows users to access their machine via facial recognition
  • Action Centre for quick access to commonly used settings
  • New and improved Mail and Calendar Apps


Please contact us for further details!